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Erk Power Generator Our company, located in Ankara İvedik OSB, was established in 2020 and is a company that produces generators. It currently produces effectively from 18 kVA to 1100 kVA.

We test all the products we sell with a load bank by senior engineers in our test unit. All our products have a 2-year or 1000-hour usage warranty, and we always stand behind our product and by your side with our 24/7 technical service.

Since all stages of production, including the engine-alternator, cabin, chassis, silencer and electrical installation, are carried out in our factory, our prices are affordable and our quality is in the highest segment. For this reason, we are the first choice of customers who are looking for both quality and affordable generators.

At the same time, we exported to more than 20 countries apart from our domestic sales. Our priority is to create value for our customers, meeting their expectations reliably with quality and stability.

Emin Hastürk

General manager

Büşra Hastürk

Deputy General Manager

Mine Demir

Sales Manager

Ömer Hastürk

Domestic Sales Manager

Nadiya Dinçer

Foreign Sales Manager

Fırat Tosun

Production manager

Our team

Industry Leading Experience

Erk Power Generator is a brand that stands out with its leading experience in the sector. With years of experience and expertise, we offer our customers the most reliable and innovative generator solutions. We follow the latest technologies in the industry and constantly increase quality standards. Erk Power offers its customers a leading experience with reliability, performance and perfectionism.

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Türkiye:  +90 552 394 43 75

Ukrayna: +90 552 394 43 70

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